Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass
Volvo600 Event Pass

Volvo600 Event Pass

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If you are planning to attend and take part in the 2020 TorqueVolvo Official Word Record attempt you will need to register your Volvo car and driver details in advance through purchasing a single Event Pass.

For control and safety purposes, the 2020 record attempt will be limited to 1350.
Therefore this product is limited to 1350 pieces. 

You need to purchase one Event Pass per Volvo car being entered into the parade. Passengers in the car are admitted without charge and do not need to register or carry/purchase an Event Pass.

Entry application to the event will close on Friday June 12th or when the allotted 1350 Event Passes have been issued, which ever criteria occurs first. 

(Please remember you need to purchase one Event Pass per Volvo car that is being entered into the parade. Passengers in the car are admitted without charge)

In return for purchasing this product you will receive;

1) 1x Volvo600 Event Pass (Limited to 1350 pieces)

2) 1x TorqueVolvo White Quality Woven Lanyard. (One time run, limited to 1350 pieces and only issued to event drivers).

3) 1x Rule and Information Card. (This card is laminated and colour coded)

4) At least 10% of the purchase cost will be donated to the British Heart Foundation charity.

Please Read ....Important covering notes before you check out...Please Read 

1) The information collected will remain secure and only shared with GWR in regard to record validation.  It will be used for no other purpose than that of validating the record count. Information will be deleted after October 30th 2020.

2) Before checking out, please enter into the Add a Note box, see photos,  A) The Model Type of the Volvo car your driving in the parade, B)  it’s Registration Number and C) it’s Colour

3) Please do not snap your own card. This will invalidate the card and will result in you and your car being discounted from the official parade count.

4) Lost cards cannot be replaced. If lost, regardless of reason you will need to purchase an additional card. Please inform us if you loose your Event Pass so we can void the card.

5) If you purchase a card, then for what ever reason you come to understand that you cannot attend the event, or your decide to change the Volvo car you’re bringing on the day, please inform us via email, so we can help you reregister the card to ensure it matches the vehicle in the parade or redirect the card to someone else.

6) Please allow up to 20 days from the point of order to receipt for this product. We will try and improve lead times where we can.